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​"Molly was extremely helpful in my college application process.  Her individualized test prep helped raise my ACT from a 26 to a 30. Molly also helped guide me through the entire admissions process while keeping my stress low.  I would highly recommend her services."
Torrey Pines student Class of 2017
"With all the commotion that comes with senior year, Molly gave me a sense of ease by facilitating my college application process. Molly also helped me strengthen my applications by brainstorming creative and interesting essay topics and helped me elaborate my ideas and structure my essays. Molly was my biggest cheerleader throughout my application process, and she is there to truly support and encourage her students!"
La Jolla Country Day student Class of 2018
"Molly has helped my three sons through the many steps of choosing and applying to colleges. She has the unique gift of being able to connect with each student and figure out their individual personalities and gifts. She challenges them to step outside their comfort zone and then helps guide them to make knowledgeable decisions. Molly has given me peace of mind many times because she is able to view things with a much larger perspective and often sees options and opportunities where others do not. Fortunately, my boys had Molly with them every step of the way to help them navigate the comprehensive college admissions process."
Gonzaga Prep parent Class of 2013, 2015 & 2018
"Molly is amazing! She provided focused, realistic guidance through every step of the college process, from narrowing down career choices to reviewing my final applications. With her ACT test prep, she helped me raise my score 3 points to a 30. Without her, I would not have gotten into the school of my dreams!"
Gonzaga Prep student Class of 2017
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