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Molly Wright, Owner

Molly received her B.A. in Speech Communication from the University of Washington and her Certificate in College Counseling from UCLA. In addition, Molly performed her practicum at Central Valley High School in the counseling center focusing on NCAA eligible students.  She has an extensive background working with high school students, as well as raising 3 daughters. Molly values the importance of college and has worked with high school students as a lacrosse coach, advisor to the Empowering Youth Project, and as a Junior Achievement volunteer teaching a 10-week program focusing on interpersonal communication skills, interviewing and resume writing. Molly has served on the Spokane Club Board of Trustees, Junior Achievement Young Executive Team, Make-A-Wish Corporate Council, and founded the Empowering Youth Project.  Currently, she serves  on the Advisory Board for the Bay Club, as well as leads a Girl Scout troop.  Her passion is guiding students towards a successful college experience and future.  During her 13 years as a college consultant, Molly has inspired over 500 students to achieve their goals.

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