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College Found Consulting offers comprehensive services to assist you with your college and career aspirations.



We offer several packages to fit your student's needs.  Each package includes individual sessions with your student providing them with personalized and actionable information to assist them in making wise decisions for their future.  We offer packages beginning in middle school and throughout their high school years.



We offer one-on-one ACT test prep to students focusing on individual needs and areas of improvement.  Our method targets both comprehension and test strategy, emphasizing quality study time over quantity.  We believe in creating a strategy that enables students to be self-sufficient, in order to balance quality preparation time with their other activities. Our students consistently improve section scores, as well as overall composite scores.



We offer ongoing services to students who are currently enrolled in college or have progressed beyond college.  We provide individual coaching to students, focusing on student life, class and major selection, post-graduate studies, and balancing multiple priorities. As they progress and begin to think about life after college, we also assist in preparing for a career, including career selection, resume  guidance, job interviewing and successfully transitioning into the workplace.  

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